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Guide to perfect matching of skirts according to your figure

The skirts i am a timeless garment, loved for centuries.Regardless of the length - long, short, midi, mini or maxi - the important thing is to know how to match them to your figure to create a comfortable and elegant outfit.Some skirt models are more suitable for tall and slender people, while others are designed to slender and enhance curves.But the question often arises in front of the mirror is: which skirt to match and with what?

Choose long skirts based on your height

Contrary to myth, people of mint stature can wear long skirts no problem.The key is matching.For example, long skirts with side slit, high waist or bell skirts fit perfectly with heel or platformers to unleash the figure.

Another effective match to get long legs is to wear a mini skirt with very long cuissardes boots.In addition, there are short and flared skirts that create an optical effect of stretching the legs.Depending on the event or the time of the day, you can combine them with low or elegant shoes.Discover our tips on how to match skirts with different tops and choose the perfect skirt for your figure.

Match tops to jeans skirts

The jeans skirts are perfect for formal meetings if combined with a striped shirt.The vertical lines open the female figure.If the jeans skirt is simple, you can opt for a jumper or extravagant shirt.A white shirt worn with a dark blue jeans skirt will accent contrasts and draw attention away from flaws.

For evenings or informal events with friends, such as concerts, where comfort is appreciated, a very beloved look is the jeans skirt paired with a gritty rock t-shirt, sneakers or sneakers.If you have a minute body, on holiday or in summer you can wear a top with floral prints tied to life, a short jeans skirt and low sandals.If you want to wear a lace top with a short jeans skirt, but you prefer to hide your arms or love handles, you can opt for an open kimono with vivid fantasies and match it with wedges or naked heels.The effect will be surprising.

The best fabrics and skirt patterns for your figure

If you are lean and tall, you can opt for long skirts adhering that highlight the hips and forms.The adhesive skirts that come to the knee, known as longuette, are recommended for slender people and allow you to play with the lengths, combining a short top to highlight your beauty.Avoid long shirts or blouses.With short skirt models you can't miss, the important thing is to choose the right shoes.

If you prefer to hide your hips, avoid long skirts at low waist or plissettate that enhance the curves.Opta for skirts with long slits or skirts with flared cut.To unleash the figure and highlight the curves, prefer long skirts at high waist.You can decide whether to wear them to your feet or to your ankle.For summer tops, bright colors or patterns combined with a matching color skirt will enhance your tan.You can experiment with different types of tops, such as canopies or blush threaded into the skirt.For the evening, a semi-transparent shirt or a short top with sequins will give an elegant and sophisticated touch.

When and why wear tube skirt patterns

Some models of tube, spout or wheel skirts are perfect if you have a few extra centimeters on your hips or belly, but make sure the fabric is lightweight.For formal events, if you love the tubes, we suggest you opt for stretch or connitive models, as they wrap the curves harmoniously.They are an evergreen to keep in the closet, suitable both day and evening.