Surprising to think that no one possesses a t-shirt.It is a universal and fundamental garment in our wardrobe, born casual but become a trend element over time.The materials, prints and characteristics that distinguish it are sought, while remaining faithful to the simplicity of its essence and its origins.

The t-shirt it was born without a defined representation of genre, but along its path it becomes, in its simplicity, a garment capable of expressing great femininity.White or enriched with precious materials, extravagant prints or decorated with studs and sequins.Its nature is so simple that you can dare, having the certainty of getting always a guaranteed result.Initially soft, learn to enhance the feminine shapes and shortens to show the skin.Discover the vast collection and match it according to your tastes.Opta for solid colors and pastel colors to enhance, for example, the character prints of a cigarette pants, completing the look with a pair of elegant high heels.Choose a woman's t-shirt with a soft cut to match with a long skirt up to the feet and refined and low sandals, or discover the proposals of great value that will not go unnoticed, perfect to match with bold mini skirts.

The women's t-shirt is the fashion that has always fulfilled the desire to lightness and fluidity.The history of t-shirts has ancient roots.Born as a male underwear garment in the 1800s, he then took protagonism with the soldiers of the Navy and the American army during the First World War and, subsequently, even arrived on the cover of an American magazine.By the way, she became a garment owned by everyone, consecrated by cinema and fashion, and then became a powerful advertising and communication tool of great success.The timeless coupling is between one white short sleeve t-shirt, a pair of jeans and sunglasses.