Season colors

The women collection Spring Summer 2024 brings with a palette of fresh and vibrant colors, with green, white and hazelnut in the front line. These shades embody the essence of nature and give a touch of freshness and vitality to our spring outfits.


Green, white, hazelnut: colors in vogue

Among the most popular colors of this season are green, symbol of rebirth and regeneration, white, which evokes cleanliness and brightness, and hazelnut, neutral and sophisticated tones. These shades are perfect for creating elegant and versatile look, suitable for every occasion.


Prints and fantasies

Prints are an indispensable element of spring fashion, and this year are no exception. Among the most popular and widespread fantasies we find floral and animal motifs, which add a touch of femininity and glamour to our dresses.

Floral and animal prints

Floral prints are an evergreen of spring fashion, and also this year make their appearance on catwalks around the world. From delicate field flowers to bright tropical orchids, the options are endless and allow you to express your personality with style and originality. In addition to floral prints, animal fantasies are also spopolating, giving a touch of wild charm to our looks.


Jewelry and accessories

In the Spring-Summer 2024, jewelry and accessories play a fundamental role in enriching and completing our outfits. From oversize chains to details inspired by nature, here are the trends you should not miss.

Oversize chains and natural inspirations

Oversize chains are one of the must-haves of this season, giving a touch of audacity and contemporaneity to our looks. Next to the chains, there are also accessories inspired by nature, such as leaf bracelets or flower earrings, which add a touch of freshness and originality to our style.

Timeless trends

Fashion never misses the timeless trends, those garments and accessories that resist spending time and become real classics of the wardrobe. Among the must-haves of Spring 2024 we find the denim, safari and animalier, which continue to conquer the heart of fashionistas all over the world.


Denim, safari and animalier

Denim is one of the most beloved and versatile fabrics of fashion, and also this year an evergreen is unreliable. From jeans to jackets, through skirts and dresses, denim lends itself to endless interpretations and allows to create casual-chic look perfect for every occasion. Next to denim, the safari-inspired leaders, such as saharians and cargo trousers, and the animal fantasies, which give a touch of wild charm to our outfits.

Season news

In addition to timeless trends, the Spring-Summer 2024 brings with it some surprising and innovative innovations, ready to conquer the world of fashion. Among the most interesting novelties are the polka dot fantasy, the bomber and the classic white color, which add a touch of freshness and originality to our spring look.


Fantasy pois, bombers and white color

The pois fantasy is one of the most fun and playful trends of this season, perfect to add a touch of femininity and romance to our outfits. Next to the polka dot fantasy, the bombers, iconic and versatile jackets that give a touch of coolness to our spring look. Finally, the white color confirms an evergreen of fashion, perfect to create fresh, bright and sophisticated look.

Experimentation and Creativity

Fashion is also experimentation and creativity, the ability to play with styles, fabrics and textures to create unique and original look. In the Spring-Summer 2024, fashionistas are invited to dare and experiment, mixing styles and playing with new textures and textures as a net, feathers and nappa in couture version.

Network, feathers and nappa couture

The net, feathers and tassel become undisputed protagonists of the season, giving a touch of boldness and refinement to our looks. From the net skirts to the tops decorated with feathers, passing through the nappa clothes, these innovative and original textures allow to create unique and unforgettable outfits.

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