Classic and contemporary: the male elegance of the season

Fashion Trends Men Spring 2024

Men’s clothing plays among great classics and more current novelties. There are classic shirts in timeless shades such as white and beige, leather jackets and blazer two buttons or double-breasted over. To make the difference the artisan manufacture, the research fabrics, the signature of the great brands.

Season news

The proposals for him in Spring 2024 play to amazement by focusing on mix and experimentation in colors. Next to timeless colors like black and white, therefore, more daring proposals: canary yellow, bright red and mix of floral or geometric patterns.

Another great protagonist is the denim, also interpreted in total look version with shirt and pants, or in the classic jeans jacket. All trends for real new gentlemen.

5 must have men's fashion for spring summer 2024 to buy

Revolution in the men's wardrobe

The men's fashion for the spring summer 2024 is distinguished by a renewed and sophisticated elegance, which embraces a variety of styles and trends. Leaving the streetwear behind, the doors open to neutral shades, refined lines and carefully treated details. We discover together the 5 garments and accessories that are indispensable for the next year.


A unique piece

The suit, symbol of classical elegance, returns in a renewed look. In its comfy and wide shape, inspired by the 1990s, it becomes a real unique piece suitable for everyday life. Structured jackets and trousers with wide leg give a touch of sophisticated casualty. In addition, the suit returns to auge with luxurious proposals and perfect cuts, inspired by the world of cars.

The polo

The polo is renewed, abandoning the random attitude to become a classy and versatile garment. Proposed in soft and striped versions, it celebrates contemporary sports icons with a touch of elegance. Perfect in combination with tailoring pants and structured jackets, the polo becomes a must-have for a sophisticated and fashionable look.

Classical Moccasins

Moccasins are the perfect alternative to sneakers in the spring summer 2024. Declined in various versions, from classics to models with track sole, become an indispensable accessory to complete every male outfit. Weared with unstructured trousers or regular jeans, they give a touch of timeless elegance.


Urban Gypsy style

Finally, the Gypsy style is transformed into an urban and exotic trend, inspired by distant countries. Kimono wide, colorful prints and material sweaters mix to create a casual and sophisticated look. A mix of international cultures that gives a unique charm to modern cities.

Whatever your style, let yourself be inspired by the must-haves of men's fashion for spring summer 2024 and update your wardrobe with style and authenticity.

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