"A fresh and dynamic approach characterizes the mission of the brand Disclaimer, which directly targets Generation Z and millennials with a contemporary language. The company skillfully combines the industrialization of art with the creation of collections, positioning its brand within the fashion system. Founded in 2020 during the pandemic, Disclaimer is the result of a collaboration between a renowned Italian factory and the artist Gioele Corradengo, also known as Sexsdreams.

The latter explains the origin of his stage name: "Since I was a boy, I left my mark on the walls and my tag was Sex. Over time, I found a pseudonym that better reflected my personality."

Sexsdreams, in addition to being the creative director, is a prominent figure in the underground scene of Milan, thanks to his artistic style that stands out for the use of short meaningful phrases, handcrafted colorful graphics, which are transferred onto Made in Italy clothing items by the Disclaimer graphic team, always with a special focus on the environment.

"I draw a lot, and I'm fortunate to have a wide range of subjects and colors at my disposal. For the first collection of Disclaimer, the Spring Summer 2021, I created numerous designs on canvas, then selecting the best ones to transfer onto clothing items. For the second collection, Fall Winter 2021-22, I digitized my physical drawings using the iPad, in a process that combines manual and digital elements."

The transversality of Sexsdreams' art is also reflected in the Disclaimer collections, which range from men's and women's clothing to accessories such as bags, backpacks, and hats. Based in the Milan hinterland, the marketing, content, and creative team of Disclaimer closely collaborates with Sexsdreams, sharing a passion for art and fashion. But what is the source of inspiration for this artist?

"My creative flow is rapid and fluid. I draw inspiration from the places I frequent, often areas of Milan or cities where I go on vacation. I try to capture shapes and colors that I then transform into my paintings."

Sexsdreams also confesses his passion for music, which he listens to while painting, and for the cinematography of Tim Burton, with whom he shares the aesthetic of dark atmospheres contrasted with vibrant colors.

"The choices of Disclaimer can change and evolve at any moment, following the artistic progress and contemporary changes in the world. In general, the brand aims for a pop approach, like the artworks of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. It's impossible not to like or appreciate Pop Art. My creative direction primarily focuses on pleasing the masses."

In just two years, Disclaimer has attracted attention both nationally and internationally, and thanks to the success of the Spring Summer 2022 collection, the brand has been featured in over 380 fashion stores worldwide. By visiting Disclaimer's Instagram profile, the sense of community associated with the Italian brand immediately emerges, with personalities like Madame, Rita Ora, Fedez, and Chiara Ferragni wearing the company's creations.

"When I first saw my work worn by these personalities, I thought, 'That's awesome.' It was a great confirmation and satisfaction."

For 2024, Disclaimer has two new collaborations in store, closely guarded by the creative director, and he warns all fans of the Italian brand, "You'll see some great things!"

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